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3. Rationale and added value of the project

The present project aims to facilitate and promote the emergence of new processes and tools at country level. It intends to bring together the relevant national stakeholders and help them shape their common understanding of the GSPA principles and implementation requirements, so as to build up their own approach, and develop related national and regional capacities, human capital and knowledge.

The project team will act as a resource and service for countries – especially, but not exclusively, developing countries – willing to reinforce their innovation for health and to improve their – and other countries’ – access to essential medical products. The project will operate within a broad public health perspective based on a right to health approach and a comprehensive understanding of innovation and access as encompassing health systems and social issues as well as R&D, production and financing, and with a long-term vision of national commitment and ownership.

The comparative advantage of this needs-driven facilitation - by an elastic group of committed professionals with a variety of expertise - lies in its structural agility, in its operational adaptation capacity and ingenuity, beyond institutional constraints. This set-up, and the freedom to operate it entails, allows for maximum flexibility in establishing partnerships and reaching out to any relevant actor that may contribute to the goal of the project, easily adapting to countries’ changing situations and needs. The network that the project team can provide access to is an important asset towards creating bridges among different experiences and sources of knowledge at the field level, focusing especially on south-south exchanges.

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